Singapore: No pre-Departure Test needed for travellers

Singapore is set to allow non-fully vaccinated travellers to enter the country without a negative pre-departure test from next week, health authorities announced Thursday.

All travellers entering Singapore via air or sea must still submit a health declaration before or on arrival, said the ministry.

In addition to removing the need to show proof of a negative pre-departure test, short-term visitors will also not be required to buy Covid travel insurance.

Previously, non-fully vaccinated visitors were required to test negative for Covid within 2 days prior to their departure for Singapore.

While travellers who are not fully vaccinated can now enter Singapore without pre-departure tests, vaccinated travel lanes will remain “for reactivation,” should there be international developments of concern such as new variants, authorities said.

The country is set to remove mask-wearing on public transport from Monday, as it seeks to exit the “acute phase” of the pandemic, said the Ministry of Health.

The country’s Covid task force, created in January 2020, will be deactivated.

“Our Covid situation has remained stable over the recent months, despite increased travel over the year and holidays and China’s shift from zero Covid,” said Singapore’s deputy prime minister Lawrence Wong, who is also co-chair of the Covid task force.

“Our population has developed a high level of hybrid immunity. The risk of infections leading to severe illness or deaths is very low — comparable to other endemic respiratory diseases like influenza.”

The further relaxation of pre-departure travel and mask requirements are “significant steps” that mark Covid-19 as an endemic and “new norm” for Singapore.

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