East Asia Research
East Asia Research (EAR), based in Singapore, fosters intellectual exchange through inclusive and representative academic conferences and books. Guided by Confucian principles, we promote respect, integrity, and community, advancing research worldwide.


Southern Cross University stands for what matters
It’s not a slogan. It’s an ethos that informs our courses, our research and our direction as a university.
It means we are committed to protecting and managing our precious natural resources, to understanding and advancing our human world.
Regenerating, challenging, exploring, experimenting; finding solutions where there appeared to be none, building knowledge from the ground up. Adapting and finding resilience in an uncertain world.
Whether you study at one of our beautiful campuses or online, our small class sizes mean we know you by name. You’ll be supported every step of the way with leading student services designed to help you flourish and succeed at university.
International Science and Technology Conference Institute (ISTCI) was founded for the purpose of building an infinite connection for professionals who devote to science and technology. ISTCI specializes in the sponsoring, organizing, planning and operating high-end international advanced science and technology conferences and professional exhibitions. It focuses on biotech, pharmaceutical, energy, materials, artificial intelligence, information technology, health, trading, economics and finance. At ISTCI, we believe when people come together, there are always sparks and inspirations; we aim to create unforgettable experience for all our clients from multinational companies, industry associations, research institutes, private companies, industrial parks, governments and universities.
FLC Science is a leading consultancy and event management firm dedicated to advancing technology and expertise in key sectors including new materials, renewable energy, biopharmaceuticals, and human sciences. Our core mission revolves around providing comprehensive support to clients, encompassing technical guidance and talent acquisition, while fostering vibrant exchanges within specialized communities. Driven by a commitment to excellence, we offer bespoke solutions tailored to the unique needs of our clients, enabling them to thrive in rapidly evolving industries. Moreover, we actively cultivate an environment of knowledge-sharing and networking through the organization of research symposiums, conferences, and collaborative initiatives.
Committee Members
Dr. Tan Jing Hee
Deputy Chairman of the Management Council, Chairman of East Asia Institute of Management Academic Board.

Dr. Ian Heazlewood
Consultant Sports Science and Exercise Science expert with Sport Science Institute
Dr Mike Climstein (FASMF, FACSM, FAAESS)
• Course Coordinator – Master of Clinical Exercise Physiology, School of Health and Human Sciences, Southern Cross University
• Adjunct Associate Professor - Physical Activity, Lifestyle, Ageing and Wellbeing Faculty Research Group, The University of Sydney
Dr. Stephen Burns
Associate Professor, Physical Education & Sports Science, National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University
Dr. Anthony Belford
Associate Professor of Sports Performance Analysis - University of the Sunshine Coast
Head of Performance Analysis Sunshine Coast Lightning
ISPAS Accredited Scientific Level 5 Performance Analyst
Chair of MathSport Australia | Rest of World Representative | MathSport International
Dr. Stuart Evans
Lecturer, Teacher Education, Physical Education, Sport, Human Movement, La Trobe University
Dr. Hayri Ertan
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